About Us

The Step Stool Chef is dedicated to empowering kids to be leaders in the kitchen and beyond. We are building a community where the kids are the chefs and the parents are the assistants. While the focus is on cooking, the true goal is to inspire and empower kids to have a safe space where they can build leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

Through their “kids teaching kids” approach to cooking, The Step Stool Chef provides solutions and tools that build make kid cooking approachable and inspiring.

The Step Stool Chef

The Step Stool Chef

Since the age of 2, the Step Stool Chef has had a love for cooking. He started making his own cakes at age 3. As he has gotten older, he now uses cooking as his outlet for creativity and independence. As our Head Kid Chef, he is responsible for making sure that every recipe, product recommendation and tools we use are just right for all kids.

Our kid chef was a 2016 Finalist for the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge in partnership with the White House and Let’s Move Campaign, a contributor to popular blog Super Healthy Kids and serves on the Kids Advisory Board for ChopChop Magazine, an award winning kids cooking magazine. He has been featured in magazines, blogs, TV as well as selected to be the only kid chef to conduct live cooking demonstrations at several Food Festivals.”

Sous Chef Mommy

Sous Chef Mommy

Sous Chef Mommy started cooking with her son based on the desire to nurture his independent spirit and natural curiosity for cooking. Now she has translated her experience as a Marketing and Innovation leader in the food industry as well as her knowledge of brand creation into a meaningful venture to help all parents unlock the potential and passion in their kids. As co-founders of The Step Stool Chef, she and her son are building a platform dedicated to celebrating kid independence and leadership.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower kids to have a safe space where they can build leaderships skills that will last a lifetime.

About the Chef!

The Step Stool Chef has had a love for cooking since the age of 3. Now a self proclaimed foodie, he loves to try new recipes and share it with friends & family. With the help of small step stool and his assistant Sous Chef Mommy, the Step Stool Chef prepares easy to follow recipes that kids can try at home with their parent’s help.

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