We are always looking for great after school snacks.  Plus who can resist any recipe that includes mac & cheese and a mini-muffin pan.  There are tons of recipes online for these fun little bites.  Here, we made small modifications to a recipe we found…


If you house is anything like mine, the morning time rush can get pretty crazy.  More often than I care to admit but we eat breakfast on the go and in the car.  I came across this great recipe on for a Breakfast Quiche…


I know that there are a lot of cook books and magazines that encourage parents to bake cookies and cakes with their little chefs, but a pie can be just as fun and just as easy.  Here is a great recipe for an Icebox Lemon…


A fun little recipe inspired by my mom’s meatloaf recipe. We just did a cute little twist and place it in a muffin pan and added mashed potatoes as the “icing on top”. Enjoy! For this recipe, you will need bell pepper, onions and garlic….


While teaching the Step Stool Chef about herbs and seasoning, we thought it would be fun to make our own mini herb garden. We visited our local nursery and picked up the items we needed. We decided on planting basil, mint and oregano because we…


My little chef has a budding entrepreneurial spirit and I love nothing more to help him nurture it.  So when he shared that he wanted learn how to make his own money, we came up with the perfect idea to introduce him to business ownership……

About the Chef!

The Step Stool Chef has had a love for cooking since the age of 3. Now a self proclaimed foodie, he loves to try new recipes and share it with friends & family. With the help of small step stool and his assistant Sous Chef Mommy, the Step Stool Chef prepares easy to follow recipes that kids can try at home with their parent’s help.

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