Build Kid Confidence

Build Kid Confidence

Empower Kids to Lead, Inspire Independence

  • Fun

    Parents and kids work together. Learn cooking
    from a kids point of view

  • Flexible

    Take the course at your own pace,
    anytime, anywhere

  • Rewarding

    Parents and kids work together. Learn cooking
    from a kids point of view


What ages are the classes best for?

The courses are ideal for kids ages 5-10. However, we have great tips for toddlers who want to help out in the kitchen as well as challenges a middle-schooler would enjoy.  

How long are the classes available to me?

As long as you need! The classes are available online any time, any where. Your access never expires, so you can come back again and again.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The course is completely flexible and can be done around your schedule. Each video is approx. 5 minutes. The activities and recipes can be done at your own pace.

Will I need a lot of fancy equipment or ingredients?

The course was designed to use common household items and ingredients. Recipes include simple to find ingredients such as flour, bread, eggs, along with simple herbs & meats.  Vegetarian options are also included. We also provide many options on how to use a variety of cooking equipment that may be found in your home.

Is this something my kid will do by themselves?

While the course was designed for parents/guardians and kids to complete to together, kids are encouraged to take the lead and let the adults assist.

About the Chef!

The Step Stool Chef has had a love for cooking since the age of 3. Now a self proclaimed foodie, he loves to try new recipes and share it with friends & family. With the help of small step stool and his assistant Sous Chef Mommy, the Step Stool Chef prepares easy to follow recipes that kids can try at home with their parent’s help.

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