This cooking session was very exciting for me and the Step Stool Chef.  Today we were joined by a guest Sous Chef… his YaYa (and my mom).  She has been so proud of her grandson and his mission in helping kids learn to be leaders in the kitchen that she had to join in on the fun.  He was so excited to try YaYa’s No Bake Strawberry Shortcake.

YaYa_NoBake_Cake1YaYa’s No Bake Strawberry Shortcake is a fun, easy to make dessert with four simple ingredients: Angel Food Cake, Whipped Cream, Frozen Strawberries, and Fresh Strawberries.

YaYa_NoBake_Cake_strwbryYaYa shared this neat little trick with a straw that to get rid of the hulls.  Just turn the strawberry over so the green leafy bit faces down, place your straw over the pointy end of the berry, and push straight down.  The green leafy bit pops right off in the end of your straw and the hard white core of the berry is gone! Your strawberry has been hulled! No muss, no fuss.

YaYa_NoBake_Cake4Next, slice the angel food cake in the middle allowing you to remove the top half of the cake and place on a separate plate.  Because the cake is so soft and flaky, your sous chef may have to help hold the top so that the cake doesn’t crumb or rip.  

YaYa No Bake Strawberry ShortcakeSpread the whipped cream on the bottom half of the cake on the top and sides as you would when icing a cake.

YaYa No Bake Strawberry ShortcakeThen add a layer of frozen strawberries on the bottom half of the cake. You can even pour some of the juice over the strawberries.  This part is a lot of messy fun!

YaYa's No Bake Strawberry ShortcakeFinally, you place the top half of the angel cake and spread the top & sides with whipped cream.  Add both fresh and frozen strawberries on top and sides.

YaYa's No Bake Strawberry ShortcakeThe Step Stool Chef and Sous Chef YaYa were so proud of how their quick and easy dessert turned out.  It was yummy and fun way to share a special bond across generations.

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The Step Stool Chef has had a love for cooking since the age of 3. Now a self proclaimed foodie, he loves to try new recipes and share it with friends & family. With the help of small step stool and his assistant Sous Chef Mommy, the Step Stool Chef prepares easy to follow recipes that kids can try at home with their parent’s help.

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