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There is no comparable relationship than the one between a mother and child.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner however we shouldn’t wait until then to think about ways to spend special time with our most favorite little people.  As you know, when it comes to parenting the days are long but the years are short.  Life’s all about finding moments and making memories.

While we believe that Cooking with Your Kids is the ultimate bonding activity, here are 18 Mother Child Bonding Activities for you and your family:

Life's all about sharing moments and making memories. Here are 18 Mother Child Bonding Activities to spend special time with your favorite little people.1. Go On A Date with Your Kid(s)

Get dressed up and visit a nice restaurant. Spend time bonding at a mother-son dance or a mother-daughter tea.

2. Have a Picnic at Home 

Switch up lunch plans and lay a blanket on the floor for an indoor picnic.  Or take dinner outside in your front yard while listening to music.

3.  Go on a Bug Hunt

Get a bug container, bug tweezers and a magnifying glass then go to your backyard or favorite nature trail.  You’ll be surprise how bonding it can to search for bugs.

4.  Start Your Own Private Book Club

Pick out a great book or book series and read along with your kids.  Discuss your favorite parts and characters.

5.  Have a Board Game Tournament

Find a favorite board game and play best 3 out of 5. Winner gets bragging rights!

6.  Tell a Round Robin Story

Start a story then bring it to an exciting part then pass it on to your kids for them to continue it.  Have fun going back and forth building the story.

7.  Take a Silly Selfie

Have a silly pic contest to see who can make the zaniest faces.  Your kids will love you for it!

8.  Plant an Herb Garden

Have a special bonding project while showing off your green thumb.  Growing herbs is easy, fun & educational.  Think how great it will be to use your herbs in your favorite recipe.

9.  Go Out for Pancakes in Your Pajamas

Wake your little ones up super early and have a spontaneous pancake outing.  Find an all-day breakfast restaurant and eat pancakes in your pajamas.  That’s right in your PAJAMAS!

10.  Have a Race

On a nice day, grab your bikes and challenge your kids to a bicycle race.  Or see who can be the first to run around the block.  Maybe you let them win… or maybe NOT.

11.  Sign-up for a Volunteer Project

Spend time bonding while sharing your values for community service.  Find or start a project that you can do together.  A book or canned food drive is a good place to start.

12.  Take a Tour of Your City

Hop on the bus or subway and explore the sites & local tourist attractions.  You’d be surprise how much your city has to offer.

13. Make up a Silly Song

Showing your kids your silly side can be such a great bonding experience.  In the car on the ride home or while on an errand, make up songs based on what your see around you.  Create one long song or many different ones.

14.  Find a TV Show that you BOTH Enjoy

Introduce your kids to an old movie or tv show that you enjoyed watching (and still do) as a kid and watch it together.  It may make screen time debates a little less stressful.

15.  Take a Family Nap

Just think about it… you’re tired, they’re tired.  Why not just climb on the sofa under a comfy blanket and enjoy a nice peaceful nap together.

16.  Play Dress Up Together

Whether it’s for a tea party or fighting super villains, find old clothes and costumes and let your imagination run wild.

17.  Show Pictures from your Childhood

It may seem like ancient history to them, but sharing stories from your childhood can be a great bonding experience.  Talk about your favorite memories or that time you got into big trouble.  Let them know how similar or different you were from them.

18.  Teach Them Your Favorite Childhood Game

Do your kids know how to play Red Light/Green Light, Red Rover, London Bridges or Hopscotch?  Well you’ve gotta do something about that!

BONUS: Cook Together!!!

I couldn’t build a list about mother-child bonding without giving a special shout-out to cooking together.  Not only does it teach lifelong skills but some of the best childhood memories start in the kitchen.  Check out our great list of recipes that kids can make with their parents assistants.  Plus, enjoy these amazing kid-friendly recipes from the Mini Chef Mondays Series and share your pictures with us!

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  • Diana Johnson @ Eating Richly Even When You're Broke

    I love this list! I’ve done all of these at some point with my son, and they are some of my favorite memories.

    • Sous Chef Mommy

      That is so great! I know you and your son share a close bond.

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