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The Step Stool Chef® is the ideal partner to uniquely connect & engage with your family and kid audience.

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  • Recipe Development, How To Videos & Pre-Roll
  • Kids Cooking Program and Curriculum
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Social Media, Mobile App & Digital Solutions
  • Brand Ambassadorship and PR/Media Appearances
  • Cooking Demonstrations and Cookbook Signings

Let us create ownable, distinctive programs, campaigns, & solutions designed to drive awareness, engagement, and conversionffor your product or brand.

We’ve been featured on major television networks…

Texan with Character
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Good Chef, Great Kid
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Holiday Recipes for Kids
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presented at favorite food festivals and events…

United Way

…and worked with top brands and partners.

Food and Retail Brands

Hospitality and Entertainment

Media and Mobile App Partners

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About the Chef!

Chef Julian has had a love for cooking since the age of 3. Now as the CEO and Head Kid Chef of The Step Stool Chef, he is focused on empowering kids to be leaders in the kitchen. Chef Julian has been featured on the covers of magazines, newspapers as well as made guest appearances on all major TV networks, conferences and food festivals and is known for his fun & easy approach to cooking.

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