What is The Step Stool Chef Academy?

The Step Stool Chef® Academy is a fun, comprehensive, and interactive online cooking course made for kids by kids.  Designed to help empower kids to become chefs in their own kitchens, each class shares basic cooking tools, tips and instructions that makes cooking easier and fun for kids.

Our first course, “Intro to Kid Cooking” features classes on 6 topics that build a great foundation for kids.  Each class includes a:
•  “Kids Teaching Kids” Instructional Video
•   Hands-on Activity
•   Step by Step Kid-Friendly Recipe
•   Parent’s Guide   

For the price of a video game,

Learning how to cook is a great way to build kid confidence, independence and empowerment as well as reinforce math and science skills.   

Lessons can be completed AT HOMEON VACATION, and AT YOUR OWN PACE
This is an excellent learning tool that the whole family can enjoy.  

$9.99 for 
One Class

Basic Cooking Skils & Tools


$29.99 for
Three Classes

Pots, Pans & Appliances
Basic Cooking Skills & Tools
Tasting Food & 4 Basic Flavors


$49 for
Full Course (6 classes)

Pots, Pans & Appliances
Basic Cooking Skills & Tools
Tasting Food & 4 Basic Flavors
Herbs & Spices 
Baking Basics
Experimenting & Being Creative

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?  We're happy to answer!

  • What ages are the classes best for?The courses are ideal for kids ages 5-10. However, we have great tips for toddlers who want to help out in the kitchen as well as challenges a middle-schooler would enjoy.  
  • How long are the classes available for?You will have UNLIMITED access to the lessons.  
  • How long will it take to complete?            It is  completely flexible and can be done around your schedule. Each video is approx. 5 minutes. The activities and recipes can be done at your own pace.
  • Do I need fancy equipment or ingredients?                                                  The course was designed to use common household items and ingredients. Recipes include simple to find ingredients such as flour, bread, eggs, along with simple herbs & meats.  Vegetarian options are also included. We also provide many options on how to use a variety of cooking equipment that may be found in your home.
  • Is this something my kid will do by themselves?                                                Most kids will enjoy and watch the videos on their own.  Many activities and recipes may require parents/guardians and kids to complete to together.  Just remember, kids are encouraged to take the lead while the adults assist.
  • What if I have more questions?             Feel free to contact us at contact@stepstoolchef.com with any additional questions.