Taste testing is a great way to build your little chef’s appreciations for different flavors, textures and smells.  With this taste test, you are literally comparing apples to apples to look for the subtle and not so subtle differences between apple varieties.  Hosting a taste test with your little chefs and friends will build their comfort for trying new foods, fruits and vegetables.   An apple taste test is a great and approachable way to start.  Here’s how:   



Step 1:Pick your favorite apple varieties 

While apples are always available year round but the majority of apples varieties ripen in the Fall.  You can choose as few as two or as many as ten for your activity.  We chose four which proved to be perfect for our little testers.

Step 2: Round up the cutest apple taste testers you can findApple Taste TestThis was a great play date activity for my two little chefs and a couple of their favorite friends who spent time with us over the weekend.  We set up our tasting area around the kitchen island which allowed our tasters to move comfortably.  Simply slice each apple on a plate along with a label of showing its variety.  You can print the labels or simply use a paper plate and write the name on the plate with a black marker.   

Step 3: Cut and lay out the taste & texture words

Apple Test Taste

If you ask kids to describe how something tastes, you make either get “good” or “yucky”.  By printing out words, kids can learn to new ways to express themselves and better ways to explain the smell, feel and taste of the apples.  I made 3-4 copies of the printable to ensure there were enough words to go around.

Step 4: Let the kids taste each variety and pick the words they feel best describes each appleIMG_7469

Apple Test Test

Apple Test TestEach taster had a great time tasting each apple and making their personal judgement call on how each apple tasted, smelled and felt.  The Granny Smith apple did not fare well with the group.  

Step 5: Encourage each taste tester to pick a favorite

Apple Taste TestEach taster definitely had a favorite or two at the end of the test.  Now they knew exactly which apple variety to ask for during the next visit to the market. 

Step 6: Do the experiment again and use more adventurous or less familiar foodsFruit and Veggie Taste Test

Try a Eating the Alphabet Taste Test and taste test fruits and vegetables of all varieties from A to Z. The good news you now have A covered.  Next try different varieties of beans, broccoli or berries.  

Share your ideas in the comments for a great A to Z taste test.

Click here for FREE PRINTABLE of the Taste & Texture Word Sheet for your next taste test

Taste & Texture Word Sheet

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  • Courtney

    Thank you for this printable. My kids really enjoyed having words to use for this experiment!

    • Sous Chef Mommy

      That’s so great to hear. Glad it was helpful!

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