Toaster Ovens are one of our favorite tools for kids to use in the kitchen because they are easy to use and you don’t have to be around a hot stove to cook great food.  Although, it’s smaller size can be easier for kids than a standard kitchen oven, it is still a very hot tool and there are still many safety precautions you must have while using it.  


Place the food in the toaster oven before heating to minimize your little chef’s exposure to heat

My little chef wanted to share his experience with the toaster oven and a quick Do & Don’t for his fellow kid chefs.

Chicken and Broccoli QuesadillaThe food came out warm and toasty just like he liked it.  Plus, I enjoyed that we found another way to get in more veggies in his snacks.

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chicken broccoli quesadilla

Next I’ll share the full recipe along with 11 other kid-friendly recipes from my blogger friends who love to cook with their kids!

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