For the chef’s 6th birthday, he wanted to make his own cake to share with his friends.  He got really excited when he saw a Blue Cake Mix at our local grocery store…. plus it featured one of his favorite chefs, Duff Goldman. | Duff Cake Review | #kidscancook #kidsinthekitchenWe followed the instructions on the box and only needed the cake mix, eggs and water.  My little chef decided to use another icing vs. the Duff branded icing….So this review is cake mix only. | Duff Cake Mix Review | #kidscancook #kidsinthekitchenThe box included a basic white cake mix as well as a packet of blue coloring that you mix-in.  The packet was hard to open for little and big hands so we used scissors.  This is when things got a bit messy. | Duff Cake Mix Review | #kidscancook #kidsinthekitchenBecause the packet of coloring was so full that when we opened it, blue coloring got a bit everywhere. A minus for me as Sous Chef Mommy but my little chef didn’t seem to mind at all. | Duff Cake Mix Review | #kidscancook #kidsinthekitchenOnce you mixed the color in with the other ingredients, it didn’t turn as deep blue as indicated on the box.  It was more of a sky blue. | Duff Cake Mix Review | #kidscancook #kidsinthekitchenAgain, didn’t seem to both my little chef.  He was just thought it was cool to see it turn blue…no matter what shade. | Duff Cake Mix Review | #kidscancook #kidsinthekitchenThe cake turned out to be very delicious and was a hit with his friends (and the parents too).  My little chef was so proud to tell everyone that he made his own birthday cake and loved the compliments he got for such a great tasting dessert.

Pros: Light and fluffy texture was made it one of better tasting box cake mixes we’ve had.  Plus making a “blue” cake was just plain fun to my little chef.

Cons: The small packet of coloring was not enough to give it the rich color as shown on the box plus it was a bit messy.  

Overall: Duff Cake Mix is very delicious and fun to make for little chefs.  However because of the mess factor, I will probably use my own cake mix and food coloring the next time we want a blue cake.  While we may not buy this particular flavor again, Duff Cake mixes offer such a variety of fun flavors like Tie-Dye and Zebra that we are eager to give it another try. 

Note: This is not a sponsored post nor was the product given to us.  The opinions are based on our personal experiences.

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