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I know usually that my mom writes about cooking tips and recipes that we love to help kids be more independent in the kitchen.  But hey it’s summer and us kids love to have fun and spend time outside.  Kids are always trying to find ways to cool off in the summer heat. Well there’s no better way than a water balloon fight.

Water balloon fights are super fun and it always gets kids moving. I been to a few awesome water balloon and water gun fights myself and I know a few things about how to make them great.  So today, I’m going to share

My 5-Step Guide on How to Have an EPIC Water Balloon Fight

STEP 1: Find the Right Location

Finding the right a place for your water balloon fight is the first important step. This can be a park, the beach, or even your backyard. I even went to water gun & balloon fight on a football field and it was super fun. Anywhere with a wide open field is best because there’s going to be a lot of running around. Grass or dirt is better than concrete or gravel because if you fall you won’t get hurt.  Plus, finding a location that has easy access to water is great so you fill up as needed. 

How to Have Epic Water Balloon Fight |

STEP 2: Send Out Your Invitations

A water balloon fight is a good time to invite friends from school, summer camp, church etc. The great thing about water balloon fights is that it’s something that kids and adults can do together and it makes it even more fun when parents join in.  Pick a date and find the easiest and fastest way to get the word out.  You can send text, email or an online invitation.  Just be sure to tell them to wear clothes they don’t mind getting wet and also tell them it’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Balloons).

STEP 3: Prepare Your Artillery

Making sure everyone brings their own water balloons is really important. And you’re going to need a lot of them. There are these new water balloon things that lets you fill up the balloons like 200 to 300 at one time.  Those are perfect!  How to Have an Epic Water Balloon Fight

You can also bring water guns, super soakers, squirt toys… just anything that gets you wet.  It’s also smart to bring coolers and a baby pool to store the water balloons and water for quick refills.

How To Have Epic Water Balloon Fight

STEP 4: Set Boundaries

I know we all want to have fun but it’s also important to be safe. Explain the rules and tell your friends where they can or can’t go. Where are the limits? A good example is no squirting little kids.  Another good rule is that everyone must clean up afterwards.


Go at it and have fun. It’s always great to have a strategy.  Are you going to save all of your balloons till the end when everyone is out or are you going to dive right in?  Also try playing games like boys vs girls or kids vs. adults (which is my favorite). You can even play music then when the music stops, everyone freezes.  When the music starts again then everyone can go back to blasting.  I did that game once and it was the best! 

Any way you do it, just have fun and let loose.  As long as you are enjoying the summer with friends and family it’s bound to be epic

Happy Summer!

My Recommendation List for Your Next Water Balloon Fight:

1. BUNCH O BALLOONS – Fill water balloons in seconds

2. COOLER ON WHEELS – Perfect for carrying your water balloons

3. MINI FOAM BLASTERS – Blasts water up to 30 feet!


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