The Step Stool Chef and I were thrilled to be invited to share Back to School recipes for Good Morning Texas, a local morning show in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We love sharing our message of encouraging and inspiring kid confidence in the kitchen.  During the segment, we shared great recipes to get kids involved in cooking just in time for Back to School.  

Check out the video and a recap of the recipes covered during the segment:

1) French Toast CasseroleIMG_4416

2) Mac and Cheese Bites#12_yum

3) Strawberry Salsa with Cinnamon Pita ChipsStrawberry Salsa with Cinnamon Pita Chips

4) Waffle Iron Grilled CheeseWaffle Grill Cheese

During the cooking segment we also announced a Planetbox Lunch box giveaway:Print

Just in time for Back to School, we gave away one PlanetBox Rover Complete kit which included a stainless steel lunch box, the Big and Little Dipper containers, a choice of super fun magnets designs, as well as a Rover Carry Bag for easy transport available in a variety of vibrant colors.  (Value $60).

Part bento box, part lunch tray, PlanetBox will hold all your child’s favorite foods plus has great benefits:

  • Individual compartments that allows you to pack a totally waste-free lunch.  No more plastic baggies
  • Safe, non-toxic stainless steel design is built to last with a 5 year warranty, making it environmentally and budget friendly
  • “Big and Little Dipper” containers perfect for dips and sauces without the mess.
  • Super cool & fun magnets that allows you to update your lunchbox with a new look as often as you like.  
  • Designed for any-sized hands to open easily and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Congratulations to our winner Ammber M!

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  • Peggy Weatherly

    Great Job! My 4 yr old granddaughter is moving in soon and I can’t wait to get her started on some of your recipes!

    • Sous Chef Mommy

      Thanks so much! It was fun. Please let us know how you like the recipes with your granddaughter. Let’s us know which is your favorite!

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