My little chef has had such a wonderful time during our Guest Sous Chef series.  He has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best local chefs in our area and has been having a ball.  The Guest Sous Chef Series was started to invite real chefs who share our passion of inspiring kids to cook and to share their favorite kid-friendly recipes.  

Our next featured Guest Sous Chef was no exception.  Today, we will be sharing highlights from our time with Chef Bronwen Weber, Executive Pastry Chef at Frosted Art Bakery.  Chef Bronwen is one of the most renowned pastry chefs in the country and has taught pastry classes all of the world.  So you can imagine just how excited we were when she agreed to give us a 3D fondant tutorial… #geeked!  

Guest Sous Chef Series: Chef Bronwen WeberWhen we first walked into her upscale cake studio, my little chef’s mouth was wide opened.  She had the most beautiful and amazing cakes we have ever seen.  She had everything from blinged-out wedding cakes to candy cakes to animal shaped cakes.  Guest Sous Chef: Chef Bronwen

Chef Bronwen greeted us with the warmest and most friendly smile and ready to show my little chef how to make the cutest little elephants made of fondant.  

Chef Bronwen shared that working with fondant is just like working with play-dough so they began by rolling the fondant into balls and snake shapes to make the head, body and legs. Elephant Head Rolling FondantMy little chef still refers to the fondant as “oreo guts” as that’s how Chef Bronwen explained what fondant was made of.  This was the Step Stool Chef’s first time working with fondant so it required a lot of patience and focus which are good skills for him to continue to work on.  He made a few mistakes but never gave up and kept trying…. which made him and me very proud of the outcome. Guest Sous Chef: Chef Bronwen WeberGuest Sous Chef: Chef Bronwen WeberThey called their elephants hip and hop because they were so cool!

Guest Sous Chef: Chef Bronwen Weber

Fun Fact: Chef Bronwen has appeared on the Food Network Cake Challenge over 20 times and has won more gold medals than any other chef which granted her the title of Cake Challenge Champion!  Cool… huh!Guest Sous Chef: Chef Bronwen WeberThanks Chef Bronwen for an amazing time!  I even caught my little chef sharing his elephant making skills with his sister while playing with actual play-dough.  Guess he was paying it forward! 




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