Top 3 Muffin Tin RecipesMuffin pans aren’t just for cupcakes or muffins any more.  They make for great savory dishes that offer portioned controlled yumminess! Plus, our muffin tin recipes are perfect kids cooking hack as they are easy to prepare for little hands and require minimal exposure to heat. Next time you are looking for great dishes for your kids to make, try our Top 3 Muffin Tin Recipes

1) Mini Muffin Chicken Pot Pie

Mini Chicken Pot Pie

With 4 simple ingredients and 5 easy steps, this kid-friendly recipe for Mini Chicken Pot Pie is such a fun twist on a comfort food favorite.

 2) Taco BuddiesTaco BuddyAs part of our Guest Sous Chef Series, we were joined by Chef Sevilla Riley who shared this adorable Taco Buddy recipe.  Just brown your favorite ground meat and turn over taco night to your little chefs.  Watch them get creative adding and decorating with fun toppings!

3) Breakfast Muffins

Breakfast MuffinsThese breakfast muffins are in constant rotation at my home.  My little chef likes to make them for friends and overnight guests.  Plus these are great for a quick, on-the-go breakfast during the morning rush for school. Just make them the night before place them in the refrigerator then heat up in the morning.  Your little chef can get as creative as they want by adding their favorite cheeses, veggies and breakfast meats to the dish.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE….You can also find other great muffin tin recipes on this site including Turkey Meatloaf Muffins and Mac and Cheese Bites for your little chef to try today!  

Muffin tin recipes can be a great way to serve your favorite dishes in fun, bite sized portions.  Give them a try and tell us all about it.


Try these tools while making your next muffin tin recipe: 


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  • Gayle Ross

    I have three grandchildren (boy 13, girl 9, girl 4). I spend each Saturday night with them so Mom and Dad can have a grown-up date. One of our regular activities is to cook our evening meal. It is an activity to do together, they are more inclined to eat what they prepare themselves, and it teaches them how to cook and how to clean up after cooking. Favorite meal is scrambled eggs, sausage or ham and cinnamon rolls. Some of this is from scratch, and some uses convenience food. Another is sandwiches served on waffles, or grilled. They made from scratch macaroni and cheese and it opened a whole new world to them.
    Love your website and all the lessons it teaches. I wish you success and thank you for being both practical and inspirational teaching children basic life skills that too often today are never learned.
    Gayle Ross and Justin, Julie and Jessie

    • Sous Chef Mommy

      Thank you so much for sharing. Cooking is such a wonderful bonding moment with children.

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