As an advocate of empowering kids through cooking, I have been a huge fan of Kidstir and was so excited when they invited us to review their cooking kit.  Kidstir offers a monthly subscription service that provides hand-on cooking kits geared to “spark a love of good food” in kids.  Kidstir ReviewI have been an admirer of Kidstir for quite some time.  As a mom and entrepreneur, I am encouraged and inspired when I see other moms who create amazing businesses.  Kidstir is a new start-up ran by a team of moms who share in a passion for empowering families to explore and learn about good food together.  I love the concept and I love company.

Kids Stir Sandwich Shop

We received the Sandwich Shop kit which shared recipes for making 3 fun sandwiches: a Turkey Club Sub, Pack-n-Go Pinwheels and Egg Salad Puzzlers. Kidstir kits are designed around helping kids build their own cookbook and includes:

  • 3 step-by-step recipes
  • 2 kid-sized utensils
  • Educational pages with fun games & activities 
  • A great shopping list of all the ingredients you need for each recipe

If you subscribe to receive the monthly kits, you will receive a cookbook binder that allows your little chef to collect and store their new recipes.

Kidstir ReviewAll kids love receiving something in the mail that is just for them.  My little chef was excited to open the box and explore all the contents.  He immediately gravitated to the puzzle sandwich cutter included in the kit.  He decided he wanted to try the egg salad sandwich and as luck would have it we already had all the ingredients at home.

Kidstir ReviewThe instruction on the recipe shares a great cooking fundamental that every little chef should know: boiling an egg.  My little chef cooks with eggs all the time.  In previous recipes he has scrambled eggs, cracked eggs and even separated egg whites but it only occurred to me until we tried this recipe that he’s yet to boil an egg.  The instructions in the recipe shared that you should cover the eggs with water.  We took this opportunity to play a guessing game of “how much water would it take to cover the eggs” and talked about testing an hypothesis.  If you’re curious it took 2 3/4 cups to cover the eggs and his hypothesis was 2 1/2 cups. So close…

Kidstir ReviewI like to place boiled eggs in a bowl of ice water to help quickly cool plus its seems to make them easier to peel.

Kidstir ReviewWe did a lot of experimenting in this recipe. The recipe encouraged using a fork to break up the eggs but my little chef found this to be a challenge to break up the eggs completely.  So we tried a spoon then a whisk.  The whisk proved to be the easiest solution for my little chef and he was able to break up the boiled eggs easily and quickly.

IMG_7030We continued to follow the recipe but made a few twist as encouraged in the kit.  For example, we used mustard instead of the recommended curry powder.  The kit also included a plastic sandwich spreader that my little chef was excited to use over his normal spoon or knife. 

Kidstir ReviewMy little chef was excited about finally using the puzzle sandwich cutter.  We found that lightly toasting the bread made it easier to cut the sandwich and hold the fun puzzle shapes.

IMG_7076What The Step Stool Chef Thought:  My little chef found the kit to be “pretty cool” and enjoyed getting new ideas for making sandwiches. Plus, he thought the puzzle sandwich cutter was pretty creative and can’t to use it for all of his sandwiches.  

What Sous Chef Mommy Thought: I think the Sandwich Shop kit would be great for younger chefs who are just being introduced to cooking as it requires little to no exposure to heat or sharp objects.  Ideally, I would have loved if each of the 3 recipes appealed to various skill levels (i.e. easy, medium and challenging) so that kids can continually build new skills with each recipe as well as give kids with a little more experience a bit of a challenge.  

Kidstir offer various kits featuring different themes that appears to appeal to kids with various cooking skill levels and interests such as their Thanksgiving Kit or We Heart Dinner Kit.  Individual kits are available for $24.95 and monthly subscriptions are $19.95.  

Wanna try these adorable kits with your little chef?  Sign up here for a Kidstir cooking kits subscription to receive $5.00 off the first month of your subscription (discount applied at checkout).

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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