Want your kids to learn how to cook?  Do it the right way… our Online Cooking School for kids will show you how!

The Step Stool Chef Academy is an Online Cooking School for Kids designed to empower kids to be chefs in their own kitchens.

Kids learning how to cook is a great way to build confidence, independence and empowerment as well as reinforce math and science skills. Plus, it there’s nothing better than the life long memories and bonding that happens when you cook as a family.

But when it comes to teaching our kids to cook, we may find it difficult to find the time or even know how to get started or where to begin.

We created The Step Stool Chef Academy as an easy, fun solution that makes learning how to cook easier for kids and their parents. 

The best part is that it’s led by kids for kids and allows kids and parents to work together in the comfort of their own home at their own pace.

Your kids will learn the foundational basics of cooking, easy techniques, and get kid-friendly recipes to try with step-by-step instruction and instructional video .


This course is EXACTLY what you need if…

….you have a child who is eager to cook, but you’re at a loss for ways to make learning less intimidating for them.

Now you can say YES the next time your kids ask if they can cook.  

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Here’s what you will get in this SUPER AFFORDABLE course:

1.  6 Lessons Featuring a 5-Minute Instructional Video Taught BY KIDS, FOR KIDS.

Get a FULL curriculum that’s been Kid Tested and Chef Approved…

  • Lesson 1: Pots, Pans & Appliances  This lesson covers basic cookware and appliances as well as tips on when to best use them.  Plus, it starts with some great kitchen safety rules.  
  • Lesson 2: Basic Cooking Skills & Tools This lesson covers basic cooking tasks such as mixing, cutting, juicing, peeling & grating. Additionally, it provides knife safety as well as suggestions on which tools to use to make these tasks easier for kids.
  • Lesson 3: Tasting Food & The Four Basic Flavors Here, we give a quick lesson on taste buds & the 4 basic types of flavor (sweet, savory, salty, & bitter) as well as introduces a 5th taste: umami. It also explains the importance of tasting your food while cooking and gives some suggestions on how to fix some recipes based on the taste. 
  • Lesson 4: Herbs & Spices This lesson covers the differences between herbs and spices as well as shares how they can help improve the taste and flavor of your recipe.  It also provides quick suggestions on which herbs to use for certain dishes.
  • Lesson 5: Baking Basics Here, we introduce important tasks and skills to know when baking such as measuring, kneading, rolling and using cookie cutters.  We also include a fun Baking Science Experiment as part of this lesson
  • Lesson 6: Experimenting & Being Creative The final lesson encourages kids to experiment and be creative in the kitchen.  Experimenting helps build problem solving and creative thinking skills.  Here, we share with kids how to read a recipe and tips on how to get creative in changing up the recipe.  

souschef mommy and cutting _cropped

2.  Hands-On Activity Led by Kids with Parents’ Support

From Blind Taste Tests to Supermarket Scavenger Hunts, each activity reinforces and gives kids a chance to practices the lessons and techniques learned in the video.  Get bonus activities when you sign up for our Intro to Kid Cooking Plus course.

3.  Kid-Friendly, Step-by-Step Recipes

We’ll ease your little chef into cooking, help take the intimidation factor out and build confidence. They’ll be gradually introduced to food prep and cooking…

We start a simple applesauce and grilled cheese sandwich then they will gradually move up to making Turkey Meatballs with a Homemade Marinara Sauce as well as a delicious Cinnamon Ribbon Bread!  By the end of the course, kids will have all the tools they need to create their own recipe in our our Graduation Challenge. 

4.  A Parent’s Guide with Shopping List

Cooking with your kids will literally be a no-brainer with this helpful resource…and you can be fully present! The parent’s guide that comes with each lesson contains everything you need including:

  • An overview of what’s covered in each lesson…
  • detailed tips on how you can help during each stage of the lesson (remember, you’re the assistant!)…
  • An ingredient and shopping list so you can make sure your little chef is prepared to cook with the exact items needed…
  • An answer key for each of the activities!

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We’ve taken out all the guesswork in teaching kids to cook!!

Now you’re free to cook with your kids in a hands-on, safe and fun way, without worrying about how to break down the steps for them.

Other kid cooking classes charge up to $65 for ONE cooking lesson or $250 per child for cooking camp (and you still have to transport them to the classes!)  

Our courses start at $49 which offers a full Kid Tested, Chef Approved curriculum of 6 Cooking lessons and each lesson includes:

  • 5-minute Instructional Video shared in a language kids can understand and enjoy
  • Fun and engaging Hands-on Activity designed to allow kids to practice the skills and techniques learned in the video
  • Kid-Friendly, Step-by-Step Recipe that let kids put to work all they have learned in lesson
  • A Parent’s Guide with shopping list that features everything a parent will need to be the perfect sous chef

Get Unlimited Access plus classes can be completed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, AT YOUR OWN PACE.

Sign Up and Let’s Get Cooking!


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About the Chef!

Chef Julian has had a love for cooking since the age of 3. Now as the CEO and Head Kid Chef of The Step Stool Chef, he is focused on empowering kids to be leaders in the kitchen. Chef Julian has been featured on the covers of magazines, newspapers as well as made guest appearances on all major TV networks, conferences and food festivals and is known for his fun & easy approach to cooking.

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