We love a great Slow Cooker recipe.  It makes for the perfect kids cooking hack as it requires little to no exposure to heat.  Plus, it a great way that your little chef can prepare a meal for the whole family.  We made this simple and delicious recipe on a rainy day and proved to be the perfect indoor activity.Rainy Day Stewed Chicken and VeggiesMy little chef made this dish when it was pretty gloomy outside making it the perfect comfort food weather.  Plus my little ones were stuck inside for a few days and I had ran out of creative activities for them to do.  Cooking makes a great indoor activity that’s both fun and practical.  Rainy Day Stewed Chicken and VeggiesTo make cooking with your kids as smooth as possible, I always encourage parents to think of it as any craft activity: 1) Pick out the recipe ahead of time and make sure you have all the ingredients 2) Lay out the ingredients to the recipe to make it easier for the little chef to follow the recipe and 3) Know that it will get a little messy.  Plus this recipe is a great way for your budding chef to practice some basic cooking skills such as:

Cutting…Rainy Day Stewed Chicken & Veggies

…Seasoning…Rainy Day Stewed Chicken & Veggies

… and JuicingRainy Day Stewed Chicken & Veggies

Plus the best part of the recipe is that the little chef can be fairly independent to cook this dish.  Just push the button and go…._MG_4907

The dish was easy, fun and delicious.  The slow cooker does most of the work for you.  The savory aroma filled our home and soon it was time to eat.  My little chef just loved seeing us all sit around the table eating the meal he had prepared for us.





We are proud contributors of the Super Healthy Kids team and this delicious recipe can be found here.  

Tools used in this recipe:


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