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What’s your kids’ favorite type of fish?  Let me guess… Fish Sticks.

Here’s a super yummy recipe that get your kids trying and loving different types of fish.   Kids are more likely to try foods that they cook themselves.  This recipe for Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze is the EASIEST plus no one will guess that your little chef made such healthy and delicious dish.|salmon with brown sugar recipe|ingredientsThe recipe is a simple 5 ingredient dish: Salmon, Salt, Pepper, Brown Sugar and Honey Mustard|salmon brown sugar glaze|add salt & pepperAdd salt & pepper to taste.  My little chef typically sprinkles salt and pepper with his hands which makes it easier to control the amount he uses as well as getting good coverage over the dish.  Be sure to season both sides of the fish.

#3_Add mustard and sugarNext, add the honey mustard and brown sugar to a small mixing bowl

#4_MixTo mix the ingredients in a small bowl, I recommend using a Norpro 7-Inch Mini Whisk which is the perfect size for little hands.  Plus, it was very springy and bounces up & down which is super fun to use.|salmon with brown sugar glaze|add glazePlacing the salmon in a baking dish or broiler pan then cover it generously with the glaze mixture.  Be sure to cover both sides of the fish.

#7_After SugarNext, place your dish in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes.  Finally, turn on the broiler for about 10 minutes or until you get the beautiful brown glaze.

At first tasting, the Step Stool Chef shared that the salmon was a little too bitter.  When I tried it… he was right!  So he added a bit more brown sugar on the top while it was still warm.  The sugar melted on top and added just the right flavor to take away the bitterness.|Salmon with Brown Sugar Glaze | VoilaHe was a lot happier with how it turned out and so was I! It’s so important to encourage your little chefs to taste their creations to make sure it tastes the way that will make them happy.  Because as you know, if they’re happy… you’re happy too.

Keep reading to watch a video made by The Step Stool Chef sharing his tips on how to make this recipe fun for kids.

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