Kids are the hero of our story,

and our story starts in the kitchen.


The Step Stool Chef is dedicated to building kid leaders through cooking. So...What makes us different?

Our Kids Teaching Kids Approach  

Our products are made for kids, by kids. We make learning to cook fun and approachable for kids.

Our Focus on Kid Independence  

We show kids step by step how to cook a meal from start to finish with little to no help.

Our Kid Boss Philosophy  

We believe that kids can lead at any age. Here, kids are the chefs and adults are the assistants

Our Products Are Made For Kids, By Kids The Step Stool Chef is dedicated to building kid leadership through cooking. Led by our Kid CEO and Head Chef, we make learning to cook fun for kids and easier for parents. 

Step Stool Chef Cooking Kits For Kids 

Our Step Stool Chef Cooking Kits for Kids has everything your little chef needs to make their own meals. In each kit, we will send the main ingredients for the recipe as well as fun, kid-friendly cooking supplies, and a recipe card with step-by-step photo instructions.  

Each recipe is designed to build self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Your kids get to be charge while you sit back, supervise and assist when needed.

Step Stool Chef Cookbook For Kids

This special cookbook shares favorite recipes that are fun and easy for kids to cook. Includes step-by-step photos to show how kids can do the recipes themselves. 

More Cooking Tools for Your Favorite Little Chef: 

Spring Whisk

One of our favorite tools to use when mixing and whisking. Bouncy spring makes it fun and easy to use for kids.


Measuring Cups & Spoons Set  

Each measuring cup and spoon has fun colors and patterns to make it easy to spot while cooking and baking.

Kids’ Non-Slip Step Stool  

Of course we would recommend a Step Stool! Sturdy, non-slip, easy to open & close and neatly folds away  

3-Piece Kid Starter Knife  

Great starter knife for beginner chefs. Safe yet effective!  

Easy to Use Egg Beater & Whisk

Great tool for mixing and whisking. The turning knob and soft, comfortable, non-slip grip makes it easier for little hands.

MyPlate for Kids with Nutrition Lesson Plan

Fun plate that teaches healthy eating habits to kids. Divided to ensure proper portions of each food group. Can be used for any meal.

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